Archive for November, 2011

Website Design Basics

Designing your website requires that you plan and identify the features you want to appear on your site. It is also important that you establish what you want the website to do for both your long term and short-term business goals. The costs you will incur in designing your site will largely depend on various [...]

Business Plan, Part 3

Marketing Budget It is one thing to have a fancy website, but another to actually market and promote your website to attract traffic to it. In your business plan, you need to note down the various ways of marketing your website and how much these will cost you. Some of the marketing costs to consider [...]

Business Plan, Part 2

Customer Analysis Your business plan needs to show the type of customers you are targeting. Do not fall into trap of wanting to sell to everybody! Instead, identify a niche market that will be willing to spend money on the products and service that you offer. Your niche market can be large or small, and [...]

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