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Business Plan, Part 1

As you bring your business online, you need a well-written business plan, the same way you would have one for an offline business. An online business plan will guide you in determining your target audience, your competition, your competitive advantage, your market as well as the cost of marketing and promoting your website. Here are [...]

How to Plan, Part 5

Web-Hosting Like domain names you may choose to have free or commercial (paid for) web-hosting services. There are numerous web-hosts online offering free hosting services. Equally, you will find web-hosts who charge a fee to host your website. There is no perfect web-host. Just because you pay a lot of money to have your site [...]

How to Plan, Part 4

Domain Now that you plan to establish your online presence, it is important that you choose a name for your website. A domain name is the name that you and your customers will use to refer to your website. Getting a domain name entails choosing a suitable name and registering it with the ICANN organization. [...]

How to Plan, Part 3

Content Analysis The type of content available on a site demonstrates a business’ credibility and competence. In analyzing your competitors’ content, you will be able to understand their strengths and weaknesses and to gain an edge. Some questions you may want to ask are whether the competitors’ home pages have relevant and important information for [...]

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