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How to Plan, Part 2

Keyword Analysis Here are some tips on what to do when looking for your competitors’ targeted search terms: 1. Use one of the keyword analysis tools to find out the words that your competitor is using in their landing and homepages. The words or terms that they use the most are likely to be their [...]

How to Plan, Part 1

As you get started with setting up your online business presence, the most important thing to do is to plan, just as you would do with an offline business. You will quickly realize that the online marketplace is very competitive, that new ideas come and are rapidly replaced by others. For you to stay in [...]

Introduction to Online Marketing

While traditional marketing and advertising strategies are still relevant, the Internet has made it much easier to build and market your business at much lower costs. More businesses are creating an online presence due to the revolutionary Power of the Internet to connect them with their customers. With the Internet, you can now lower your [...]

The Future of Mobile Marketing

To harness the advantages of both traditional and mobile marketing strategies, it is best to integrate mobile into your traditional marketing efforts. One mistake marketers make, is to use marketing platforms in silos instead of using them as complimentary tools. This leads to an over-reliance on one single marketing strategy and neglecting other forms of [...]

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