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Mobile Social Media Marketing, Part 1

The online market place is constantly experiencing changes in terms of technology and user preferences. As such, marketers must stay abreast with all these new trends to remain competitive and to stay relevant to their target audience. Only recently, social media marketing was, and remains one of the major advancements in online marketing. However, the [...]

Near Field Communication, Part 2

Bluetooth Marketing The technology behind Bluetooth marketing works in a similar way as NFC. However, Bluetooth technology is limited in terms of the range within which people can share and transfer information. With Bluetooth enabled devices, users can share images, barcodes, audio, text and video files. However, this form of sharing multimedia content requires users [...]

Near Field Communication, Part 1

The application of existing and newer technologies is happening at a much faster rate, as users and developers continue to harness and adapt the capabilities of existing tools for various purposes that afford convenience. More specifically, the development of mobile devices including smartphones has shown the almost limitless potentials for which these devices could be [...]

QR Codes, Part 4

Alternatives To QR Codes Other than QR codes, Internet marketers can also make use of: Google Goggles – this is an image recognition application developed by Google, which you can download. It is used for searches that are based on images taken by devices that are handheld. For instance, taking a photo of a barcode [...]

QR Codes, Part 3

QR Code Uses The QR codes can be used for a number of functions that will benefit the business including: a) generate leads – since the codes are used on a lot of promotional material offering the users something god, they can be used to generate leads. This is very important as it leads people [...]

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