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QR Codes, Part 2

Code Generators Code generators are applications or tools that are used to make QR and any other types of codes. There are very many types of generators such as Kaywa, QR Stuff, Maestro, delivr and Zxing Project that can be used. There are some generators that only take care of the basics while there are [...]

QR Codes, Part 1

Quick Response code (QR) is a 2 dimensional barcode that can be read by different cell and smart phones. The codes resemble small squares with white and black patterns and are used in a number of mediums such as newspaper and magazine advertisements. The QR code is used to encode information like URL or text. [...]

Mobile Apps, Part 4

How To Make Money With An App There are several ways that you can make extra cash with your app. The most common method that people prefer to use is through paid downloads. This is where users pay the fixed price that has been set to use the app. Be very careful when setting up [...]

Mobile Apps, Part 3

App Stores And How They Work Understanding how app stores work is very important to determine the store you will work with as well as getting to know the grips on apps sales among many other things. To begin with, Apple usually tracks the top apps and ranks them so that you can get to [...]

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