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Mobile Apps, Part 2

How To Build A Mobile App With the numerous advancements in mobile technology, it is important to be equipped with information on how to create a mobile app and this is how: 1. Come Up With An Idea Think of something that your clients can use to have a better interaction with the goods or [...]

Mobile Apps, Part 1

A mobile application/app can be described as a software application that is developed to run on tablet computers, smartphones and other types of mobile devices. They can be accessed through application distribution platforms, which are generally run by owners of mobile operating systems like Google Play (with over 675,000 apps), App Store (with over 700,000 [...]

Location-Based Marketing, Part 5

Loopt This is another great Location-Based Platform for marketing. It is a social service that links users to their city or neighborhood. The mobile application allows users to receive updates about what is going on their community, while they are on the go. This service makes it simpler to locate local deals, places and friends. [...]

Location-Based Marketing, Part 4

Foursquare This popular location-based service offers several features that may be useful to a brand looking to leverage the mobile consumer. The Foursquare pages offer basic information about your brand. It also includes links to social media and platforms. Foursquare also offers the ‘follow button’ that allows your fans to follow you and engage with [...]

Location-Based Marketing, Part 3

Check-in Services Facebook Places Places, which exploits the success of apps like Foursquare allows Facebook users to let other users know about their physical location anytime they check-in to a location. This allows friends to tag and share with each other, making tagging and sharing on Facebook Places viral when compared to other platforms. Businesses [...]

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