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Location-Based Marketing, Part 2

How To Reach People In Your Local Area Foursquare Foursquare boosts the reach of updates that businesses send. Users who are close to the business will have access to these updates and will either show their loyalty by visiting the business or find out about the business for the first time. The recently installed features [...]

Location-Based Marketing, Part 1

The use of location-based information in ad campaigns gives mobile marketers an opportunity to create messages that are more relevant and to increase the rate at which customers access their products and service offerings. Location-Based Marketing (LBM) is the use of mobile marketing to target mobile users within a certain geographical area. Businesses can send [...]

Mobile Search Marketing, Part 2

Develop HTML Friendly Sites For Smartphone Users Mobile Boilerplate, a standards-based HTML5 template for creating mobile web apps also works well for optimized sites. All sites should be text-based, and have sufficient keywords for improved chances of appearing in most search engines. Keep tabs on ever changing mobile designs that can be included to ensure [...]

Mobile Search Marketing, Part 1

Contrary to popular belief, having years and years experience in traditional SEO methods and strategies does not necessarily mean that one has a similar level of aptitude, or can apply the same principles when it comes to ‘SEO For Mobiles’. Mobile devices will continue to gain popularity and stand out as a tool that would [...]

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