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Mobile Advertising, Part 4

Advertising On Your Site With AdSense Google introduced a program called AdSense Mobile in 2007 to help marketers to leverage different platforms when distributing mobile content. Clients with websites customized for mobile browsers, or interested in creating such, can exploit the mobile site by accessing a growing number of Google’s mobile advertisers. Once clients adopt [...]

Mobile Advertising, Part 3

Advertising On AdWords Google mobile advertisements are displayed on mobile devices along Google search results, on content sites and in applications. Clients can make advantage of this to place their brands in front of their target audience. The rate of mobile device searches has skyrocketed over the past year. By the end of 2014 more [...]

Mobile Advertising, Part 2

Advertising With Carriers Mobile advertising has for a long time been looked upon as a lucrative source of revenue for the telecommunication industry. The role that fixed operators continue to play in online marketing and advertising is admittedly limited. However, it is possible to track a mobile device user using their mobile device; this allows [...]

Mobile Advertising, Part 1

As more consumers remain connected to the Internet, using their mobile devices to shop and search for information on the go, mobile ads enable companies to reach them. Nielsen Wire, a research group suggests the improvement in mobile handset quality, increasing access to affordable and reliable data, and the increasing use of smartphones are the [...]

Mobile Websites, Part 3

Other Things To Consider When Building Your Mobile Site Callback And Live Chat For Customer Service Responding to communication from customers, whether real or potential is crucial to any business, and should be a consistent element in any business, including in mobile marketing efforts. Live Chats can go a long way, in responding to queries [...]

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