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Mobile Websites, Part 2

Important Pages On A Mobile Site An Opt-In Page To Collect Data These are web pages that appear on mobile devices when potential customers click on adverts or search engine based result links. They are known as landing, squeeze or lead capture pages. These pages should give the needed information as quickly as possible, bearing [...]

Mobile Websites, Part 1

Technology continues to drive more and more changes toward the use of mobile user-friendly devices. It is portable. It offers ease of adaptability. Its ability to support web based platforms, as well as faster connections at a cheaper cost makes it more popular than desktops. It is important to note that a single device can [...]

Mobile E-Mails, Part 3

How To Create A Mobile Friendly Email Design   Use short and simple subject lines as long ones make the content appear to be too much especially on a small screen.   Use 640 pixels or lower for the width of the email. This is the ideal length for most mobile devices and makes it [...]

Mobile E-Mails, Part 2

How To Deal With Different Browsers The trick is to come up with 2 different versions of the emails for example, one optimized for plain text and the other in HTML. Plain text emails: these are simple emails that allow you to format them the way you wish like underlining text, italicizing, holding, using different [...]

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