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Mobile E-Mails, Part 1

Demand for mobile content is on the rise as the mobile masses continue to grow rapidly over the years. Emails today can be used as avenues for promotions, deals, and newsletters thus are very important business tool. Tablet and smartphone users are subjected to a way that they can access their messaging communication from a [...]

MMS Marketing, Part 3

Platforms For Sending MMS Trumpia: this mobile marketing platform supports animated images, music and audio to create an easily recognizable brand identity. It allows companies to run mass MMS announcements with free coupons, promotions, alerts and seasons greetings. InteractMobile: uses their expertise in multimedia interactions, communication and technology to help marketers to create MMS content [...]

MMS Marketing, Part 2

Types Of MMS Campaigns 1. Greeting Card MMS eCards are electronic greeting cards. Since they are sent from company sites they can be embedded with promotions and ads. The message on the eCard can be tailored for a number of services including: promotion of products, creating brand awareness, invitations to special events, reminders, client appreciation [...]

MMS Marketing, Part 1

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) has become a standard feature of mobile messaging. It is similar to Short Messaging Service (SMS) with the exception that it allows the sending of text, sound, images and video. Another convenient feature is that the MMS can be sent directly to an email address. The formats of information sent through [...]

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