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SMS Marketing, Part 4

How To Collect Data From Your Campaigns Some campaigns are geared specifically to assess your performance as a business. In this regard, using mobile technology offers speedy information in areas such the attributes of subscriber segments, location, and periods with high phone usage activity. This type of information can subsequently be used at peak times [...]

SMS Marketing, Part 3

Platforms To Send SMS GroupMe: This is a simple, mobile app for sending group texts to a small number of people. It is advantageous, as it does not require a smartphone or app and is completely free. Signal: This tool provides convenience and allows simple management of the different types of customer data you receive [...]

SMS Marketing, Part 2

Types Of Messages a. Text-To-Vote / SMS Polling Text messaging services can be used to collect, assess and poll data. This allows audiences to vote through sending response SMS’s to any polls that you conduct. The type of feedback you seek once again determines the nature of your campaign. This type of SMS is effective [...]

SMS Marketing, Part 1

SMS marketing provides a singular platform that reaches all phone users. The make of the phone and the user’s location do not matter; ownership of a mobile device of any sort is enough for the marketer to reach the target audience though text messaging. SMS stands for short message service and marketers can use SMS [...]

Things You Can Do

The growing trends in mobile usage are inevitable. The rise of the mobile consumer has several implications for businesses. The truth is that marketers and brands who fail to effectively embrace mobile will miss the lucrative opportunity for customer engagement. The first steps when planning a mobile campaign are to check the type of devices [...]

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