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About Consumers

The rapid growth in the usage of smartphones devices in most parts of the world is having an impact on consumers and businesses too. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly influencing how the consumers are shopping, making buying decisions and engaging with brands. The decision to purchase is now influenced by content that users generate and [...]

Quick Mobile Marketing Tips, Part 2

Be Timely And Target Your Audience Mobile technology is timely and focused. Mobile users will utilize twice as many keywords when searching as they would on a desktop search. The small interface on mobile phones allows users to focus more on the task at hand, which is to search for something specific and perhaps make [...]

Quick Mobile Marketing Tips, Part 1

Consumers in most parts of the world are now using their mobile devices to search online for products and services more than they do it on their computers. However, this does not mean that mobile technology is replacing computers; on the contrary, mobile is only complementing the computer. Some factors to consider when you are [...]

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