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Global Market Share

The US alone accounts for 40% of the smartphone sales worldwide. Android and Apple’s operating systems continue to dominate the worldwide market with both types of devices accounting for up to 75% of the market share combined. Android operating systems represent up to 60% of the total shipped smartphones at the beginning of 2012. Research [...]

Advantages and Disandvantages of Mobile Marketing

Advantages Of Mobile Marketing Besides being able to reach an audience almost anytime and anywhere at a much lower cost and to collect customer data in real-time, mobile is also useful for: Enhanced Interaction With Customers: Mobile advertising allows marketers to interact closely with their customers. This enhanced interaction can help to boost brand recognition [...]

The Basics of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing entails the use of mobile technology to promote a brand and its services, anytime, from anywhere and everywhere. The practice involves sending targeted messages to a specific market segment that may be interested in the product or service you are offering. Mobile marketing is based on the idea of ‘permission marketing’, as users [...]

A Brief History of Mobile Marketing

Traditional media has, for as long as we can remember, dominated marketing strategies for businesses and industries across the board. Large proportions of target consumers, particularly the older generations may actually be much more comfortable or familiar with print, television and radio advertisements than email, social or mobile marketing. This is however changing at a [...]

Introduction to Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a hot topic for companies of all sizes that want to reach out to customers in new, innovative ways. At its simplest, mobile marketing is the communication of consumers via mobile device, be it a phone, PDA or tablet. Through mobile marketing, companies transmit simple marketing messages that introduce consumers to new [...]

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